Mission 1


While focusing on communities in the education sector and those who are incarcerated, JustWrite seeks to encourage the creation and presentation of visual and literary arts as catalysts for storytelling, healing, self-discovery, and community-building.  JustWrite fosters safe spaces to contemplate where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going through self-reflective creative expression.


JustWrite is an attempt to encourage folks from all walks of life, socio economic situations, ethnicities and backgrounds to do simply that, “just write.”  It is the belief of the lead facilitators that common ground can be found amongst all folks through the written and spoken word.  This journaling, poetry, and performance project will show through audio, text and video documentation, that in the end, we all are simply – words – and that in fact, “There is no wrong, JustWrite!”

One comment

  1. Write on!!! I am in complete support of your mission. Carlos – let’s get together soon!

    Michelle Ribeiro, Acting Education Director
    Penitentiary of New Mexico

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