Thinking Outside the Prompt


What is love?
Love is not real that I’ve seen.
Most people have “fallen in love,”
but did they stay “in love?”
probably not.
Wanna know why?
Because they mistake it for lust.
They both are very different feelings,
I think that love is forever,
Most of the time your “Bro” isn’t someone you love.
Love is family.
Love is my daughter,
for her, I just want her to love me.
Love is my wife.
I just wanna love my life,
but I love that I’m trying to make shit right.



Days passing by filled with card games,
and talk about the memories of when
we were out.
Positives =
Clear head,
good health,
and in shape,
Clean from drugs.
Negatives =
Away from family,
life not moving forward.

Feelings of –
it would be better if I stayed
Wonders if I’m going to prison,
and thoughts of what opportunities I’ve missed,
and potential I’ve wasted.


Oranges on my back,
C.O.’s in my face,
stuck behind bars
on the same fucking case.
People like to judge,
but I don’t give a damn.
Grew up eating shit,
But now I’m going ham.
click, clack, bam,
fuck my g jammed
Now I gotta go,
let me spit this flow,
let me say what I feel is real
I almost got killed,
I just wanna deal.